ADN AEFE: a unique exchange program

Two students, two schools, two countries, one experience… ADN-AEFE enables students in the second year of secondary school to carry out an exchange during the school year in another school participating in the ADN-AEFE program. By immersing themselves for several weeks in a new family, school, cultural and linguistic environment, students enrich their educational experience while benefiting from continuity in their learning.


ADN-AEFE is so named because the spirit of openness and the taste for exchange are part of the trademark of the network of French lycées around the world. The acronym also refers to the figure of explorer Alexandra David-Néel.

Who can benefit?

To volunteer students in their second year of secondary school at an AEFE school taking part in the program, i.e. over a hundred AEFE schools around the world and a dozen lycées in France.
Why in seconde?
Because students are mature enough to adapt to a new environment and take part in this cultural and linguistic project. What’s more, as seconde is not an exam class (unlike première and terminale), it makes it easier to set up the exchange.

What does it involve?

This is a school-based program in which students are given the opportunity to spend a few weeks at another school in a different country. Students work in pairs and are hosted by their families.

Two options are available:


Solo: students in pairs cross paths. As a duo, they are together in each other’s families and high schools.

Who are the ADN-AEFE participants?

  • Students who volunteer for the exchange.
  • The ADN referents in each school, who provide support at every stage, from application and selection to the students’ return home.
  • School heads and teaching teams.
  • Families, who finance and organize their child’s trip and host their partner in their home. Accommodation with a DNA host family is an integral part of the intercultural experience, and facilitates the integration of the student.
  • The project coordinating team, administrator of the AGORA AEFE platform, which supports the ADN program.
LFRD students

Expand your educational horizons with the AEFE ADN program!

We’re delighted to share the exciting destinies of our students selected for the prestigious ADN AEFE program! Each of them is about to embark on an extraordinary educational experience, combining cultural, linguistic and educational immersion in partner establishments around the world.

🇲🇦 Lijee V. and Sarah B. – Lycée International Français Victor Hugo in Marrakech.

🇩🇪 Maïa B. – Lycée Français Victor Hugo in Frankfurt am Main.

🇵🇭 Julie P. – Lycée Français de Manille.

🇵🇹 Nawel S. F. – Lycée Français International à Porto.

🇻🇳 Oscar C. – Lycée Français Alexandre Yersin in Hanoi.

🇲🇦 Sarah B. – Lycée Victor Hugo de Marrakech

🇪🇸 Weerayuth Y. – Lycée de Valencia, Spain

Although their exchange journey hasn’t yet begun, these students have already discovered their future destinations. We look forward to the moment when they plunge into this unique experience.

Let’s show them our support for this exceptional adventure!

As the departure for these exciting destinations approaches, let’s encourage our young adventurers of knowledge in this exceptional adventure. Their participation in the ADN AEFE program promises not only to enrich their education, but also to forge lasting intercultural links, helping to forge open-minded, aware citizens of the world.

Stay tuned for the captivating stories of these Lycée Français René Descartes (LFRD) students who, through ADN AEFE, are about to write a new chapter in their educational lives.

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