Issued by the Ministry of National Education in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, accreditation certifies that a school aheres to the principles, curricula, educational objectives and organisational rules of the French education system (preparing students for French exams; conducting these exams; qualified staff).

It allows any student from an accredited school to pursue his or her studies in any other French institution without having to sit an admission exam. Accreditation also gives schools privileged access to France’s teacher training services. All our teachers receive regular training. Schools are subject to regular follow-up and renewal procedures to ensure compliance with the accreditation criteria.

The Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), under the aegis of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, coordinates and supports nearly 540 accredited schools.

The French schools’ network

As of 2020, the AEFE network comprises of 535 schools across 139 countries. Close to 370 000 students, of which 60% are foreign nationals, are educated in these institutions that are accredited by the French Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Education: a high-stakes endeavour France is the country with the largest school network beyond its borders, supporting the growing international mobility of French families. It is also a means of reaching out by enrolling foreign nationals (60% of the total number of students). It thus fulfills its mission of providing schooling for French expatriate children as well some young people in 139 countries.

Through this dual mission, the network contributes to the image, presence and influence of France around the world; it carries the universal humanistic values that are the foundation of its republican model.

School accreditation: a guarantee of quality The Ministry of Education certifies that the institutions conform to the French edcational system’s requirements in terms syllybi, educational objectives and organizational rules. It guarantees all accredited school’s students the possibility of pursuing their schooling in other French institutions without an admission exam., subject to availability.

Exchange Program

The ADN-AEFE exchange programme.

Two students, two high schools, two countries, a single experience…The ADN-AEFE programme provides 10th grade pupils with the opportunity of attending another participating school for several weeks. By living with a different family, attending a school in a different country where a different language is spoken, students enrich their educational journey all the while continuing formal learning.

Excellence Major scholarships

The French government, via the AEFE and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign affairs, supports student mobility by granting Execellence-Major scholarships.

These scholarships allow our best school-leavers (‘bacheliers”) from French schools abroad, to enrol at a higher education institution/university in France.

In Cambodia, only students who aren’t French nationals are eligible for these Excellence-Major scholarships.

Currently the LFRD is the only French institution with an accredited secondary level. Candidates are hand-picked by the teaching staff and the Head of School presents their applications to the AEFE via the Diplomatic Post. The essential criterion for these candidates is that of excellence. The decision is based on the student’s 11th and 12th grade academic results; the relevance of their tertiary education strategy and their motivation to pursue long and demanding studies in France (up to Masters 2).

Agora Monde

All schools in the AEFE network use AGORA-Monde as a means to assist their pupils: it is a collaborative platform that allows high school students to plan for their future studies together; and for those with a Baccalaureate diploma in hand, to share their experiences in tertiary education.

“Connecting with the entire world”

The main actors of the Agora Monde network, are French Lycée pupils around the world and alumni who wish to give first-hand accounts of their experiences. High school pupils can ask for advice about their future studies, obtain find first-hand accounts and feedback from French Lycée alumni. Forums, online chats, student interviews, a newletter: a range of features promote communication about future studies and student life. Operational coordinators and liaison staff are distributed throughout the AEFE network to manage enrolment and to help students discover this guidance and networking tool.