Discovering Knowledge and Life: Inspiring School Trips

Education extends beyond the conventional classroom, incorporating hands-on experiences and life lessons. Discovery classes, privileged moments of learning, transcend traditional boundaries, offering unique opportunities for immersive education.

Transplanted Classes: A Dive into Hands-on Learning

Transplanted classes, far from being mere escapades, are windows onto holistic learning opportunities. As part of each class’s pedagogical project, these trips transcend the boundaries of traditional education. Far from the usual classroom, students explore, learn and grow in real-life contexts.

School trips in December 2023

Wonder at Kirirom: First graders and the Art of Living Together

The CP students traced an enchanted path to Kirirom, where every moment was a jewel of learning. Their departure from Phnom Penh marked the start of an adventure in which community awareness and autonomy were the watchwords. The surrounding nature and surroundings were transformed into living classrooms, with every interaction becoming a window onto the richness of hands-on learning.

Siem Reap, Living Canvas for the 5èmes: Archaeology, Mathematics and Crafts

The 5th graders wove a golden week in Siem Reap, each day a canvas of history, art and discovery. Their inspiring visit to the Angkor Museum was an artistic awakening, paving the way for more in-depth explorations of the majestic temples of Angkor Wat and Bayon. Archaeology lessons at the EFEO gave a palpable dimension to their learning, linking mathematics to the relics of Khmer history. Evenings were bathed in the warmth of board games and refreshing dips, creating memories that will live on in the hearts of these young explorers.

Kratie: The CE2’s Natural Odyssey

CE2B and C embarked on a natural odyssey to Kratie, where every day was an immersive adventure. From the majestic Mekong to the bustling village streets, every step was a lesson in nature, travel and self-reliance. Their travel diaries have become living tomes, where each page tells a unique story of discovery, from treats tasted in a traditional pagoda to fascination at the mystery of noodle-making.

A Temporary Farewell, Dreams Full of Heart

These enchanting accounts of the voyages of December 2023 transcend the simple framework of education. Each chapter is a time capsule of knowledge and growth, where every smile, every amazement, becomes a cornerstone in the edifice of learning. To our dedicated teachers and coaches, we express our admiration and gratitude for sculpting these unforgettable educational moments. As these weeks of exploration draw to a close, we wish our young adventurers a well-deserved vacation, filled with inspiring dreams for the future. May these experiences continue to guide their minds towards ever-expanding horizons, and may each moment become a shining star in the sky of their educational journey.