Discovering the world with school trips

In the heart of Cambodia, the Classes Transplantées of the Lycée Français René Descartes (LFRD) offer their students much more than an educational adventure. The carefully crafted trips are not simply escapades, but immersive learning experiences, rooted in the history and culture of this fascinating land.

January 2024

Kampot and Kep – A Scientific and Sports Odyssey for Seconde students

LFRD’s Seconde students plunge into a universe where SVT, astronomy, science and sport merge harmoniously. This educational journey transcends textbook boundaries, offering students a unique opportunity to learn in a diverse natural environment.

Kampot CE1 – Autonomy and Nature Discovery

CE1s flourish in Kampot, where independence becomes the key to their adventure. LFRD’s youngest students discover life in a community while exploring the natural world around them, creating indelible memories.

Battambang – Sport, Culture and Circus Art for 4th graders

Battambang, with its 4th grade classes, becomes the ideal playground for combining sport, culture and circus art. Sports tournaments build bridges between LFRD students and their Cambodian counterparts, strengthening intercultural relations. The discovery of local heritage and circus with Phare Ponleu Selpak adds an artistic and cultural dimension to this unique experience.

Siem Reap – Cultural exploration and the Middle Ages for CM1s

Siem Reap, the ancient Khmer capital, becomes the scene of a cultural exploration for CM1s. Focusing on Cambodian heritage and the Middle Ages, the trip creates deep links between local history and elements of the curriculum. Pupils also develop their independence as they discover new things.

Cambodia, with its rich history and cultural diversity, becomes a living educational laboratory for LFRD students. This bridge between France and Cambodia creates lasting bonds, fostering a deeper understanding of cultures and reinforcing a sense of belonging to a global community.

The LFRD’s Classes Transplantées embody the school’s educational vision, encouraging students to learn beyond the conventional classroom. These trips are not simply temporary chapters in the curriculum, but seminal moments where knowledge becomes an unforgettable experience, uniting past and present, France and Cambodia, in an educational journey that transcends geographical boundaries.