First workshop for Model United Nations (MUN)

Our budding UN delegates are hard at work, and the MUN workshop is well underway with a first set of opening speeches this Friday. The teachers are very happy with the work and the commitment of our students. the first conference is set for the first weekend of December with the ISPPMUN.


What is a Model United Nations?

A Model United Nations (MUN) is a role-playing exercise in multilateral diplomacy, simulating the work of the General Assembly and other United Nations bodies to introduce high school and college students to global citizenship.

In this exercise, participants work in teams to defend a country’s position on a negotiating issue. The objective is to negotiate in order to reach a consensus resolution on a topic that has been decided upon in advance of the game.

The simulation calls for research skills (knowing the country you represent and its positions on a given subject, its allies and interests), eloquence skills (defending your position on the podium) and diplomatic skills. The simulation is usually conducted in English.

It is an opportunity to put to good use the knowledge acquired throughout the course and to be confronted with the problems of crisis management and international cooperation techniques.