With NHSMUN being a once-in-a-lifetime event, we, the directors of the Lycée Français René Descartes Model United Nations (MUN), want to offer our students the best chances to experience world scale Model United Nations as well as help forge their futures and

develop their critical thinking skills.

Our workshop at LFRD was created back in 2018. Our main objective then was to supply the students with a way to improve their public speaking ability, whilst giving them a chance to

experience the operations of the United Nations.

The Workshop slowly made its way from attending local MUNs to regional MUNs, and now we have a chance to ascend to a worldwide MUN.

This year will be the first year that we are able to propose to our students to attend NHSMUN but we need your help to achieve this


Your contribution will form the leaders of tomorrow and ensure the future of our students.

What is MUN?

MUN conferences are directed to youngsters who wish to learn more about the official procedures of the United Nations. Thousands of students of all ages worldwide take part each year in these simulations. On top of that, some conferences have invited high personalities in fields of law and diplomacy. It also aims to help younger generations in developing essential life skills in communication, debating and critical thinking. Much like the UN, MUN conferences are a way to create new and to reinforce existing relations.

These conferences give a double approach in terms of knowledge and experience. Students not only get to learn about global issues but are also invited to solve them. Both facades of “theory and practice” are what define the characteristics of MUN.


NHSMUN, founded in 1975, is the world’s largest, most varied, and most prestigious Model United Nations conference for secondary school students. NHSMUN has long been considered as having the greatest substantive program on the MUN circuit, with its talented attendees, world-class staff, highly captivating debates, and academically rigorous materials. NHSMUN, located in New York City, provides unique access to the heart of global diplomacy. Students have the opportunity to meet with diplomatic representatives from the nations they represent, while other UN and NGO leaders will visit committees for lively question and answer sessions.

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