Ready for the Olympic and Paralympic Week 2022

Olympic and Paralympic Week (SOP) promotes the practice of sports among young people and mobilizes the educational community around the civic and sporting values that are the DNA of Olympism and Paralympism.

It is aimed at teachers, students and their parents, from kindergarten to university, and also mobilizes local authorities, associations and sports federations as well as high-level athletes. It takes place throughout France and in the network of French schools abroad. The SOP allows young people to practice different sports, to discover the Olympic and Paralympic movement but also to change their view on disabilities.

For its 6th edition, the Olympic and Paralympic Week took place from January 24 to 25, 2022, it offered the possibility of putting more physical education and sports activities in the daily lives of our sixth-grade students.

This year, the theme was sport: environment and climate.

Click on the video to see our students, their PE teachers and the athletes of the Cambodian national handibasket team.


Thanks to Sylvain Aulagner for the video.


For the third consecutive year, our 6th graders took part in this event under the flag of Olympic values, fair play, and respect.
This week allows them to discover handisports in order to raise awareness special needs. It is a unique opportunity to raise awareness and highlight our responsibilities in the evolution of vocabulary, points of view, behaviours and allow an inclusive society for tomorrow.
On the program, swimming, climbing, table tennis, athletics and basketball with the Cambodian national team! Each workshop recreates the conditions of handisports: relay race and blind pair climbing, table tennis sitting on a chair, swimming, and handibasket.

The Cambodian National Handibasket Team: Exhibition Match
Workshops with the Cambodian national handibasket team

Graduating the SOP