A wide choice of supervised activities,

unique in Phnom Penh! 

students enrolled in extra-curricular activities, which represents 50% of the total number of LFRD.
registrations for the 2nd semester 2019/2020.
Weekly activities throughout 200 groups.
primary school students registered to an activity.

56 different activities

Sports: football, rugby, table tennis, handball, gymnastics, motor skills … Art and culture: guitar, piano, ukulele, dance, performing arts, visual arts …, Fun and educational: chess, computer programming, language clubs … intended for all of our students.

Our primary school activities 2022-2023


The Sports Association is a member of the French National Union of School Sport (UNSS). It promotes physical activities among students between grade 6 and grade12 . It is open to all students, regardless of ability and level – students do not need to go through a selection process.

  • SPORTS: the association offers physical activities in all their forms (leisure & competition), and promotes conviviality, solidarity and respect.
  • VALUES: The Sports Association participates in conveying LFRD values.
  • ASSOCIATIVE COMMITMENT: In the SA, students participate in community life, by engaging in certified training as a young official (referee, judge), young reporter (photographer, journalist) or a young organizer.
  • PERFORMANCE AND PUSHING ONE’S LIMITS: Students are required to engage in various competitions, regional championships and events in the country and throught Asia Pacific.

By enrolling in SA, students practice many activities, such as: athletics, badminton, basketball, fencing, football, gymnastics, handball, swimming, rugby, volleyball. Each year, more activities may be added according to the opportunities offered by the Asia-Pacific zone. An original component of French education policy School sport is an original component of French educational policy. The LFRD is fully involved in this process. Since different means of communication multiplies the possibilities for cultural exchanges, school sport encourages exchanges with school teams from different countries.


Model United Nations, Asia-Pacific projects  (PROZAP), sports tournament, public speaking (Ambassadeurs en Herbe), …

Fort d’un réseau de plus de 500 écoles, notre établissement homologué par l’AEFE offre des opportunités d’échanges en Asie et dans le monde.

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