The Lycée Français René Descartes (LFRD) is a private, non-profit school, run by the management and the board of directors of the Parents’ Association, under contract with the Agency for French education Abroad(AEFE).

Each year, parents vote tuition fees at a general meeting.

Tuition fees 2023 – 2024

2023 / 2024 Student with Cambodian or French citizenship Other nationalities
First enrolment fees $2 300 $3 042
Re-enrolment fees $496 $571
Primary $5 209 / year $6 989/ year
Middle school $6 138 / year $8 219 / year
High school $6 940 / year $9 289 / year

Tuition fees 2024 – 2025

2024 / 2025 Student with Cambodian or French citizenship Other nationalities
First enrolment fees $2 300 $3 042
Re-enrolment fees $496 $571
Primary $5 365 / an $7 199/ an
Middle school $6 322 / an $8 466 / an
High school $7 148 / an $9 568 / an
Siblings discounts
First time enrollment School fees discount
– $50 USD for your third child – 2nd & 3rd child : – 8% on your annual school fees
– $100 per child from your fourth child – 4th child and more : -10 % oon your annual school fees

Activities fees

The price per semester varies according to the period (number of sessions). Prices are estimates.

Activities Average price for one semester
Homework support $50 – $60
Extracurricular activities “classic” $60 – $70
Extracurricular activities “Plus” $70 – $80
Daycare $30 – $40
Sports Association 1 $80 – $120
Sports Association 2 $40 – $60
Sports Association 3 $20 – $30

School Meals

School meals Price per meal
Kindergarten $3,60
Primary / Middle school / High school $4


1st Scholarship Campaign 2024-2025

Application Deadline: January 25, 2024

General Access Conditions to the Scholarship System

Scholarships are granted based on income conditions and the financial situation of the applicant.

Bursary students must:

  • Be of French nationality and reside within the consular district.
  • The applicant and the child must be registered with the consulate (ensure that your and your child’s registration is valid).
  • The child must be at least 3 years old in the calendar year of the school year.
  • The child must be enrolled in one of the 3 institutions benefiting from the education assistance program.

How to Submit a Scholarship Application?

  1. Get Informed

    More information can be found on the website of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).

    The instructions from AEFE and the scholarship calculation method are public and published on their website (Purchasing Power Parity Index = 83).

  2. Compile the Application File

    Paper application forms are available at the office (Ground floor of the administrative building) or at the consular section of the French Embassy.

    The PDF scholarship application form is available by clicking here.

    It must be filled out and signed by the applicant(s), parent(s), or guardian(s). It should be accompanied by the supporting documents (copies) arranged in the order of the list. To see the list of supporting documents, click here.

  3. Submit the File

    The application files (form + supporting documents) must be submitted or sent = no later than January 25, 2024 = in an envelope addressed to the social service (files received by email will not be processed):

    • to the consular section of the French Embassy in Cambodia (Phnom Penh),
    • or to the school,
    • or to the honorary consul in Siem Reap.

    It is recommended to submit your file as soon as it is complete, without waiting for the deadline. Any incomplete or late-filed applications will be rejected.

    If necessary, depending on your situation (first application or renewal, complex family or financial situation), and after an initial review of your file, the embassy’s social service will send you an invitation for an interview.

Provisional Campaign Schedule:

  • January 25, 2024: Deadline for submitting applications
  • Mid-April 2024: Consular Board of Scholarships meeting in Phnom Penh and transmission of proposals to the Agency for French Education Abroad.
  • Mid-June 2024: National Scholarship Commission meeting in Paris.
  • Mid-June 2024: Notification to families of decisions.


To contact the social affairs department of the French Embassy in Cambodia, click here.

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