Principal’s welcome letter


It is with pleasure that we welcome you to the website of “LFRD”, Lycée Français René Descartes in Phnom Penh. This site aims to be a window into our school, a source of information, but also a showcase for the work of our teams and students, proud of their commitments and achievements.

The life of our institution, which celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2021, is deeply rooted in its history, but also in the history of friendship between Cambodia and France. We witness every day the strong attachment of the educational community – students, parents, teachers, and staff – to their school. This attachment, along with everyone’s commitment, has allowed LFRD to thrive, shine, educate, and support throughout the years.

The school has a long tradition of success and a culture open to the world.

Since 1951, it has been preparing its students, regardless of their cultures and backgrounds, to face the challenges of tomorrow with conviction, proving that diversity makes us stronger.

Shaped by the French culture that combines the best of fundamental knowledge with critical thinking and creativity, LFRD allows its students to grow through their differences.

To succeed today and tomorrow, to live up to its ambitions and commitments, LFRD has many assets and points of support.

One asset is the commitment of the Parents’ Association (APE), particularly the administrators and the board, who are concerned with ensuring the sustainability and excellence of the institution through sound and rigorous management of available resources.

Another asset is the competence, dedication, and support of the pedagogical, administrative, technical, and service teams who work daily for the success of the students. The prestige, experience, and human, material, and logistical resources of the AEFE network, to which it firmly belongs, is also an asset. Lastly, the unwavering support of the French Embassy is an asset, as well as the trust and support of the families who have chosen this school for their children and defend its values and projects.

For several years, the attractiveness of LFRD and its unique educational offer in Cambodia have led us to welcome an increasing number of students. In order to always better accommodate them, we strive to shape the future of LFRD and our students in the coming years, together with all our partners.

This future is built in continuity, with respect for this rich history, by nurturing the linguistic, cultural, artistic, and sporting diversity that makes the strength of the school. We continue to imagine and implement paths for acquiring knowledge and skills, particularly in languages, that allow our children to adapt to a constantly evolving world. We daily strive for the success and fulfillment of each and every individual, at their own pace and level. Above all, with my teams, I wish for our students to live and learn in an environment imbued with humanistic values. In my view, educational and pedagogical success rests on three key words: Respect, Excellence, and Kindness.

I invite the entire community to join us in collectively embodying these values every day.

Best regards.


Vision, mission, values


All students are led on their journey to success, guided to reach their full potential and to become global citizens.


The LFRD community offers education that aims for excellence and that is approved by the French Ministry of Education. We encourage each student to perform in a multicultural environment with Respect, Kindness and Fraternity.


- Pursuing Excellence
- Openness
- Conviviality
- Empathy
- Multiculturalism