Prozap Volley & Badminton 2023

35 LFRD students had the chance to participate in the Volleyball PROjetZ Asia-Pacific in Singapore, bringing together 10 delegations (9 from South East Asia and one from France).
What a pleasure to be able to experience sports again after the long period of COVID.

The high school girls finished 5th (with the fair play prize) and 12th out of 15.
The high school students finished 9th and 15th out of 16.
The two school teams finished 11th and 12th out of 15.
This was a very enriching experience for all our students, which allowed everyone to progress and to experience positive collective emotions.

We congratulate all the students for their behaviour throughout the competition.
Congratulations to the 6 students who obtained their young official diploma.
We are going to build on this great adventure to prepare for future events.

We look forward to seeing you next year!