Science Night 2022

The evening schedule:
📷 A large exhibition of photos of scientific activities carried out by pupils from Kindergarten to Terminale,
📹 Posters with video commentary and models on the means of producing electrical energy without direct CO2 emissions by the Terminales,
🧫 An interactive timeline on cell theory by the Premières,
⚛️ Posters on the matter surrounding us by the 3èmes,
👩🏻‍🔬 Portraits of women in Science from the “Lumières” century by the 4C,
🪐 The model of a Martian exploration base by the 6th graders,
🔬 An exhibition of photos of large-scale microscope observations by SVT students.
🧪 Une exposition sur la vie du fondateur de l’Institut Pasteur à l’occasion du bicentenaire de sa naissance.