Swimming at the LFRD

Nursery, and Pre-K have started their swimming cycle.  

“Teaching all students to swim is a national priority, as stated in the Common Base of Knowledge and Skills. […] This learning begins in elementary school and, when possible, from the kindergarten section. It must meet the fundamental challenges of safety and health education but also promote access to various social, sports and leisure activities.

Offering swimming in kindergarten means allowing children to DISCOVER, and EXPLORE the aquatic environment and to become familiar with it.

Motivation being the first condition for any learning, we try to develop the pleasure of being (sensory adaptation) and acting in water (construction of a breathing, a balance and an aquatic movement).

What are the objectives of swimming lessons at LFRD?

Learning to swim, while being supervised by instructors and teachers, is mandatory and begins in kindergarten. All students are invited to participate. The objective is broad and will depend on each level: each child is to become familiar with the aquatic environment, and when ready, learning to swim.

Who supervises the lessons?

Good to know: Students are often divided into groups of levels. And sometimes the teacher and the instructor divide the groups. There is usually a learning time and a free play time