The citizenship programme at the LFRD is an essential part of French education. By encouraging pupils to take an active part in the various elections, the school fosters their awareness of their role as responsible citizens. The class delegate elections enable them to understand democratic mechanisms and develop their communication and representation skills. By voting for their delegates, students learn to express their opinions, respect the ideas of others and participate democratically in class decision-making.

The delegates , representing the students

Class reps play an essential role in the school community. They represent students in dealings with the administration and teachers. Their responsibility is to make their fellow students’ voices heard, and to pass on their concerns and suggestions. Class reps are also responsible for organising activities and events to strengthen cohesion within the class. They act as mediators, encouraging respect and mutual help between students. In this way, class reps help to create a school environment that is conducive to learning and development for all.

Similarly, the LFRD’s eco-delegate elections are a concrete way for students to make a commitment to the environment and sustainability. By voting for eco-delegates, students show their interest in environmental issues and their desire to help preserve the planet. The eco-delegates are responsible for raising awareness of environmental issues among their classmates, proposing concrete actions to reduce the school’s ecological footprint and implementing eco-responsible initiatives. These elections offer pupils an opportunity to develop their ecological awareness, take responsibility and play an active part in building a more sustainable school environment.

In addition, the Conseil de Vie Collégienne et Lycéenne (CVCL) plays an essential role in the citizenship programme at the LFRD. Elected members of the CVCL are able to propose projects, organise events and give their opinions on issues that concern them. The council encourages students to get involved in decision-making and helps them develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills. Pupils learn to listen to other people’s ideas, to debate constructively and to find collective solutions. The CVCL is a forum for expression and participation that encourages students to become actively involved in the life of the school, to defend their interests and to contribute to its continuous improvement.

Through these various elections and participative bodies, the LFRD offers students concrete opportunities to develop their civic responsibility. The citizenship programme enables them to feel involved in their own education, to take responsibility and to make a positive contribution to building a supportive and inclusive school community. By giving them the opportunity to express themselves, defend their ideas and take action for the common good, the Lycée is shaping actively involved citizens who are aware of their role in society and ready to play an active part in building a better future.