Dive into the cultural wealth of the LFRD

The start of 2024 was a celebration of diversity and arts education at LFRD

Cultural events were an opportunity for students to discover and appreciate cultural diversity beyond Cambodia’s borders. By confronting their knowledge with other perspectives and cultures, students enriched their understanding of the world around them. These intercultural exchanges have played an essential role in developing their curiosity and tolerance, thus strengthening the bonds within the school community.

With a view to promoting the host country, Khmer language and culture were given particular prominence in the various projects, offering students a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of Cambodia.

Whether through meetings with local artists, writing workshops with authors or field trips focusing on local architecture, Khmer-speaking and non-Khmer-speaking students were encouraged to explore and appreciate the cultural richness of their environment.

These initiatives have also enabled students to improve their language skills, particularly oral ones, while boosting their self-confidence and open-mindedness.

From the celebration of literature to the exploration of architectural treasures, from enriching encounters with local artists to fascinating discoveries in archaeology, here’s a glimpse of the highlights of this period.

Reading Night on January 18 was a memorable event that brought the school community together around the magic of books. At primary level, no fewer than 300 parents took part in the evening, listening attentively to the captivating stories told by our young readers.

In a warm and intimate atmosphere, the secondary school also celebrated reading in all its splendor, offering students a privileged moment.

The evening was an opportunity for everyone to savor the moments spent exploring the imaginary worlds and adventures of books, reinforcing their love and appreciation for literature.

The meeting with the Avatar publishing house, organized by the Khmer language teachers, was an enriching opportunity for students in all classes.

The 4th, 3rd and Seconde Khmer students had the chance to talk with Xavier Dupré, asking pertinent questions about the artistic creation process and the journey of a book from writing to sale, while learning more about respecting copyright.

In addition, Khmer primary school students took part in workshops led by Socheata Huot, where they were able to develop their creativity by creating their own stories, giving them a fascinating insight into the whole process of making a book, from conception to reading.

The Phnom Penh Photo Festival offered students from kindergarten to secondary school an immersive artistic experience, immersing them in the richness of Cambodian and international photography.

What’s more, as part of a fruitful collaboration with the Bophana Audiovisual Archive Center, students had the opportunity to discover Cambodia’s precious historical archives and engage in enriching exchanges around the film “L’Image Manquante”. This experience enabled them to deepen their understanding of Cambodian history and culture, reinforcing their awareness of the importance of preserving audiovisual heritage and collective memory.

A visit from the Orbit Musicians, Yorrick and Liesbeth, enlivened the kindergarten and elementary classes with a musical show. The day ended with a meeting with students from the Music and Choir option to talk about their jobs and their artistic careers.

High school students in the theater option had the opportunity to discover a new aspect of creative work thanks to the play “Danser à Lughnasa”, by the Troupe de Théâtre Francophone de Phnom Penh.

This immersive experience enabled them to understand the different facets of theatrical creation by meeting the director, Nathanaël Maïni, and the actors. By attending this rehearsal, the students were able to appreciate the process of creating a play, from acting to staging, enriching their understanding of the dramatic art and its impact on society.


A field trip on the architecture of Phnom Penh gave students a better understanding of their cultural and historical environment, exploring the city’s architectural treasures. As well as practicing speaking in a different context, the students also developed observation and research skills, gathering valuable information that could be used to enrich their classroom presentations and produce informative video reports in Khmer.

This enriching experience not only broadened their academic horizons, but also strengthened their attachment to their cultural heritage.

Finally, a dive into the past through archaeology, in the company of professional archaeologists from the University of Fine Arts of Cambodia, opened up new perspectives. This immersion in the world of archaeological digs allowed inquisitive young minds to discover the buried secrets of the past, revealing the hidden treasures of our history.

As a total science, archaeology offers much more than ancient facts. It lies at the crossroads of the exact sciences, the humanities and history, encouraging critical thinking and research, and developing a profound understanding of cultural diversity.

This global dimension of archaeology has opened up new perspectives, broadening the horizons of our young schoolchildren.


The cultural events organized at LFRD are much more than just educational activities. They offer students a true immersion in cultural richness and diversity, fostering their personal and intellectual development.

By valuing local culture and promoting multiculturalism, the LFRD has created a stimulating environment where each student can blossom and grow as a global citizen, aware of the value of the cultural diversity that surrounds them.

What’s more, these events are just the beginning of a series of projects in the same vein, offering students more opportunities to explore and celebrate the cultural richness of their surroundings.

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