Our Lycée is more than just a school.

Children will also discover life in a collective setting, inside and outside the classroom, during extracurricular activities, during recess or at lunch. The school time of our students is therefore divided into class time and school time. These times of leisure, interactions and physical or playful activities will allow them to form friendships, to educate themselves, to get involved as delegates or members of LFRD associations. Student support services play a major role in teaching social and organizational skills: managing time and space, interacting with others, organizing schoolwork. The educational outreach of student support services is thus at the heart of our system, a hub between teachers, school management, students and their parents. The entire educational community collaborates, “co-educates”. This will empower our students to gradually gain autonomy, to flourish and to acquire the skills needed to attain academic excellence.

Primary school student services

Student services staff have are responsible for:

1. Managing students outside of class.

2. Verifying student numbers and attendance.

3. Enforcing school regulations in conjunction with the entire school community.

4. Supporting students outside of class time (recess, free periods, lunch break, etc.). – Family / school link,

5. Receiving families.

Our offices are open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., students are supervised from 7:30 a.m. to 6:15 p.m.


Secondary student services

Secondary student services, led by Mr Frédéric MUNOS, the Chief Education Adviser, are responsible for:

1. Enforcing school regulations and ensuring the students’ safety

2. Verifying student numbers and attendance

3. Communicating with families

4. Ensuring the follow-up of students in conjunction with the teachers

Acting as an interface between the varios members of the teaching community, the Chief Education Adviser is essential to the running of the Middle and High School. The Adviser is responsible for:

1. Leading and coordinating the student support staff (Education Assistants)

2. Managing the time slots when students are not in class (recess, free periods, lunch break, etc.)

3. Communicating with teaching staff, students, families, the health department, external partners and other employees.

4. Educational follow-up of each student and the student body as a whole.

Family support services

Beyond compulsory lessons, the Family Service offers students a wide range of extracurricular activities. 

Our goal

To promote succesful schooling and personal development, to give free rein to the imagination and to allow the discovery of new talents.

The family service (SAF) is responsible for:

– Co-ordinating the nursery and primary school’s extracurricular time: supervising and managing recreations, lunch break and accompanying students to the gate.

– Managing extracurricular activities from kindergarten to high school: every day after school we offer sports, cultural, artistic activities but also daycare, support classes and homework help. Membership is on a semester basis.

– Organising holiday clubs: generally during the February holidays we offer a week of themed entertainment.


IN SEPTEMBER 2023, the Lycée Français René Descartes has opened a brand new boarding facility in response to a long-standing request from parents whose children are at school from Year 9 to Year 12 and who do not live in the Phnom Penh.

Under the surveillance of two supervisors, the boarders benefit not only from secure accommodation, but also from educational support.

Every morning, a shuttle bus takes them to the lycée, where they spend the day, eat and are taken back to the boarding school at the end of the day by two shuttle buses. They are served dinner on site and are not allowed to leave the boarding school in the evening.

The children are cared for from Sunday evening to Friday evening and can return home or to a host family at weekends and during the holidays.

Today, five boys and five girls are inaugurating this boarding school, which can accommodate up to fifteen boarders.

The price for the school year, including accommodation and meals, is set at $5,200. Students on bursaries receive assistance at the same rate as their bursary, including transport to their family home.