Lycée Français René-Descartes in Phnom Penh is part of the network of French schools abroad (AEFE: Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger), which is made up of 495 French schools in more that 125 countries in the world.

Our school is approved and regulated by French authorities. This approval means that the teaching at the school conforms to French education programs.

With premises dating back to the French protectorate, the school belongs to the history of Cambodia .It has welcomed over the years generations of French and Cambodian students. Forced to close its doors during the Khmer Rouge regime, it started again in 1989 by a group of families. The Cambodian authorities gave back a part of the structure that previously belonged to the French government. The school now shares its premises with a university of management.

The only French school accredited by the French Ministry of National Education, LFRD ensures the teaching and proficiency of the French language while promoting the practice of English and Khmer.

Our school now welcomes students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. It prepares them for the French Baccalaureat (series L, ES and S). LFRD currently accommodates 1070 students representing different nationalities: 63% are French, 26% of them having dual nationality, 32% are Cambodian and 5% are foreign pupils.   The school’s overall rate of enrolment growth has been steadily increasing the past few years (6% to 9% per year)

The 2017-2020 school project is steadfast in its purpose: to sustain excellence and enables our students to fulfil their potential throughout their lives. Our 8 strategic goals are; Excellence for all / Multilingual teaching and pluricultural education / Commitment to openness / A caring and safe school / Communication / solidarity / Taking into account the diversity of the pupils enrolled / dynamism

The school’s staff is composed of 100 employees, of which are 60 teachers.

A few years ago we started a building project, which will allow LFRD to enter the next stage of its history. We are increasing the capacity of the school to 1400 by upgrading our amenities and building new, more sustainable ones (swimming pool and gymnasium). There will be more modern, confortable classrooms and teaching areas.

This 6 million USD building project is co-funded by the APE (75%) and the AEFE (25%). The work for the final stage will go until July 2017.