Our students spend quite a lot of time throughout their childhood and teenage hood in the Lycée Français René Descartes

LFRD is proud to offer numerous services to students. This enables them not only to optimise their academic success but also to foster their confidence, sense of well-being and overall growth

The aim of the school’s medical service is to promote the pupils’ physical and mental health and their well being in school. The school infirmary is a place of rest, advice, care and treatment for ill or injured pupils, as well as for the school community. The team is composed of two registered nurses, a speech therapist, a school psychologist and specialized teachers.

All students are known personally by a team of four supervisors and a head of pastoral care that are fully committed to fostering an exceptional pastoral care.

LFRD recognises that children has a fundamental right to learn in a safe environment; our safety manager is committed to providing an environment, which is safe and where the welfare of each child is of paramount importance.

Our After School Programme offers a wide range of instructional and recreational activities. All students are also welcomed and encouraged to join the school canteen.

In addition to a variety of extra-curricular activities for students of all ages, LFRD with its extremely popular Sport Association is proud to offer a strong sport programme as well as the possibility for students, to participate in competitions at both national and international level.