In the context of an inclusive school, LFRD supports including the specific needs of all students, regardless of their nationality, in the different contexts of the French teaching schools registered with the AEFE.

The New Education Law voted in 2013 set the main mission of schools, aside from the transmission of knowledge, as closing the gap in educational success.

Compulsory schooling guarantees that pupils have the « necessary means to acquire a common core of skills the possession of which is crucial to the successful completion of schooling and the construction of a personal and professional identity. »

The state school system contributes to equality of opportunity and enables each pupil to develop his or her personality, raise his or her standard of initial and continuing education, integrate socially and professionally, exercise his or her citizenship. It is the basis of lifelong education.

Lycée René Descartes has implemented the new French National learning  program in Maternelle. The emphasis is on the absorption and development of language and the discovery of the world. 

The new teaching programs of compulsory schooling implemented in 2016 were developed in order to teach students the necessary skills and values needed to become a successful and active future citizen within French society and the world.

Pupils are regularly evaluated so as to emphasize their progress throughout the year.

LFRD empowers students, in a caring environment, to achieve their potential by pursuing personal and academic excellence.Lycée René Descartes integrates technology to support and enhance student learning, an approach which is supported by the latest research and best practices. Students need increasing access to technology in order to create, communicate and collaborate.