What is MUN?

MUN conferences are directed to youngsters who wish to learn more about the official procedures of the United Nations. Thousands of students of all ages worldwide take part each year in these simulations. On top of that, some conferences have invited high personalities in fields of law and diplomacy. It also aims to help younger generations in developing essential life skills in communication, debating and critical thinking. Much like the UN, MUN conferences are a way to create new and to reinforce existing relations.

These conferences give a double approach in terms of knowledge and experience. Students not only get to learn about global issues but are also invited to solve them. Both facades of “theory and practice” are what define the characteristics of MUN.

Navigating Global Challenges: Insights from PROZAP LFRDMUN III 2023 Committees

 The PROZAP LFRDMUN III 2023 conference unfolded with dynamic discussions and collaborative efforts as students engaged in a series of committees to address pressing global issues. This recap provides insights into the key topics and vibrant debates from various committees, reflecting the commitment and enthusiasm of the participants.

Legal Committee (GA6):

Head Chair: Erika Moli Khov

  • Topic: The Use of Genome Editing Technology for Medical Purposes
  • Erika Khov, a senior at LFRD, led the committee through discussions on the ethical and medical implications of genome editing technology.
  • First Deputy Chair, Julie Te, encouraged thorough research and preparation for a compelling debate.
  • Second Deputy Chair, Hyunjun Jung, guided delegates in exploring the challenges related to AI writing assistants and copyright issues.

Security Council:

Head Chair: Ambre Dufour-Denuault

  • Topic: The Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
  • Ambre Dufour-Denuault, a senior at LFRD, set the stage for impactful discussions on global security concerns.
  • First Deputy Chair, Peipey Lim, brought experience and insights to the discussions on the situation in Ukraine.
  • Second Deputy Chair, Puthi Uddam Sean, addressed the complex issues surrounding the situation in Niger.

Environment Assembly:

Head Chair: Vincent Duy

  • Topic: The Sustainable Exploitation of Fisheries
  • Vincent Duy, a senior at LFRD, emphasized the importance of sustainable practices in the fishing industry.
  • First Deputy Chair, Byeongguk Oh, shared experiences and encouraged meaningful discussions on the management of electronic waste.
  • Second Deputy Chair, Baptiste Mousset, brought a fresh perspective to debates on economic and environmental maximization of wind and solar energy.

Human Rights Council:

Head Chair: Lilian Khov

  • Topic: LGBTQ+ Discrimination in the Private Sector
  • Lilian Khov, a junior at LFRD, guided delegates through discussions on human rights issues.
  • First Deputy Chair, Yifan Guo, provided support and emphasized the importance of mutual respect in debating.
  • Second Deputy Chair, William Ngor, brought a compassionate approach to discussions on the human rights situation in the Syrian Arab Republic.

World Health Organization:

Head Chair: Vimeanjanprathna Chhem

  • Topic: Ensuring International Cooperation on Organ Donation
  • Vimeanjanprathna Chhem, a junior at LOGOS, led the committee in exploring ways to enhance global cooperation in organ donation.
  • First Deputy Chair, Ael Jeannot, contributed to discussions on the issue of healthcare staffing shortages.
  • Second Deputy Chair, Bopé-Elita Ving-Page, facilitated conversations on regulating the distribution of medical products in LEDCs.

 The PROZAP LFRDMUN III 2023 showcased the commitment of students from various schools to address complex global challenges. Each committee delved into critical topics, fostering collaboration and generating potential solutions. The conference stands as a testament to the power of diplomacy and the determination of the next generation to shape a better world.

Note: For additional details and photos, please visit the official website.