With premises built in 1951, the school belongs to the history of Cambodia. Forced to close its doors during the Khmer Rouge regime, it started again in 1991 by a group of families.

Back then the school welcomed only 13 pupils. The premises had been badly damaged and the future of Cambodia was unsure. Two third of the school premises had been given back to the Cambodian government. That’s the reason why the school now shares its premises with a university of management.

Our school now welcomes students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. It currently accommodates 1070 students

To anticipate student growth in the coming years (1400 pupils in 2020) and the space and amenities requirements, we started, a few years back, a building project, which will allow LFRD to enter the next stage of its history.

Requirements of the project

  • Increase the capacity of the school to 1400
  • Update the whole school’s security system.
  • Upgrade our amenities and build new, more sustainable and more confortable ones.
  • Review sizing of facilities such as libraries, canteen, sporting areas and a public event area.
  • Strengthen the image of the school


  • September 2014: construction of a new kindergarten school with 7 classrooms and a covered playground.
  • September 2015: construction of a new building including a new canteen area on the ground floor and 7 primary school classrooms on the first floor, installation of a new sporting area including a swimming pool and a gymnasium.
  • September 2016: high school and primary school premises partly refurbished
  • September 2017: construction of a new modern languages building and installation of a new primary school library.

The parents’ association has been supervising this master plan since the beginning.

The overall cost plan for the work is partly funded by the parents ‘association (75%) and the AEFE (25%)

A new master plan will likely be implemented in the next couple of years to anticipate student growth and the space and amenities requirements.